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Stratigraphic terminology

This is a brief glossary of general stratigraphic terms as well as names of global and regional stratigraphic units.

Currently this glossary is not complete and provided in Estonian only. An English version may follow; before then, please direct your questions to the members of the Estonian Commission on Stratigraphy (ESK).

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Eesti hüdrostratigraafia

Tüüp ja tase: regionaalne hüdrostratigraafia ()

ingl. k. Estonian hydrostratigraphy


Kvaternaari veekompleks

Ülem-Devoni veekompleks

Kesk-Devoni veekompleks

Kesk-Alam-Devoni veekompleks

Siluri-Ordoviitsiumi veekompleks

Ordoviitsiumi-Kambriumi veekompleks

Kambriumi-Vendi veekompleks

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