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Baltic Stratigraphical Association

Baltic co-operation in the field of regional stratigraphy started already in 1969 when the Baltic Regional Stratigraphical Commission (BRSC) was founded. In 1970–1980s, many meetings, workshops and field excursions were organized. BRSC played an important role in promoting stratigraphical research in the former Soviet Union and contributing to the development of stratigraphical schemes used for geologic mapping in the Baltic region and NW Russia.

In 16 October 1990, owing to increased independence of the Baltic States, the BRSC was reformed into a less formal organization — the Baltic Stratigraphical Association (BSA), which unites the national stratigraphical commissions of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The regional stratigraphical commission of NW Russia also joined BSA in 2003.

One of the main activities of BSA has been organizing regular scientific conferences devoted to regional geology and stratigraphy. The meetings have been held in Tallinn (1991, 1996, 2008), Vilnius (1993, 2002, 2014), Riga (1999, 2011) and St. Petersburg (2005).

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